Kismet’s Arrow was born out of a desire to bridge a gap between wanting to help people using my intuition, my background in psychology, a talent for reading palms, and a love for science and spirituality.

It’s been my experience that most of the time, people are searching for validation. People are looking for permission to trust their intuition. And a lot of the time, the difficulty shows up when we have to find our intuition. So many of us feel it, but don’t listen to it. Others don’t even think they have it. I believe it’s my privilege to *literally* hold people’s hands and guide them to where it lives within them.

We all possess intuition, and like a station on the radio, some of us are able to tune in more easily than others. Intuition is a fickle property. Recognizing it’s existence is one thing, but interpreting it is quite another. It’s really just another form of listening. Our intuitions possess a lot of potential energy, versus the louder, more kinetic energy of our everyday environments. We have those moments where we tell ourselves ‘I knew that was going to happen.’ That’s intuition. It screams out at us after we’ve confirmed it against whatever has transpired in our environment. The trick, so to speak, is figuring out what it’s saying before the scream occurs.

My brand of Metaphysical Advisement is holistic in its approach. Sure, we all want to know if love is around the corner, or if we’re going to land that big promotion. But sometimes we find ourselves tripping and falling over other problems before we can get there. My goal in each advisement session is to break these speed bumps down so we can better understand why we face them, and how they can actually serve us in our path to contentment. And if I’m able to help someone, for me, there’s no greater feeling!

Sometimes, if it comes up, I am able to feel and access predictive energy. I’m an intuitive healer. I’m a sign post. I’m here to show you something you need to pay attention to. If I’m ever able to do more than that, then it’s very special. This is why I don’t market myself as a psychic. It’s not something I can switch on when commanded. But if something does come up, I’ll always share it with you.

That’s me! Amy Chauhan. 🙂