In my personal life, I’m often a procrastinator.

This website has been dancing around in the back of my mind for…oh, I don’t know – maybe 5 years? But there’s always been something else that needed my attention so it continued to dance around with all of the other unborn ideas I have stored back there. Just for the record, the gestation period for a website shouldn’t be five years. I don’t believe that’s normal.

Kismet’s Arrow… is me. It’s an identity I’ve given myself in a way. It’s how I give myself permission to be helpful to others but also in a way that validates a deep need within myself to nurture and heal.

It’s also a way for me to sort of organize and consolidate my interests in psychology, metaphysical pursuits, writing, humor and the general exploration of life. I’ll share with you as much as I can about what I know, what I’m still learning, and what I hope to learn next.

There’ll be randomness too, because randomness is fun!

I hope you visit when you can, and also take some time to check out the Facebook and Twitter pages.

And with that, we are born.

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