No birds. No planes. Just a tea caddy.

Let the record reflect that I too am often a victim of clutter. I know, I know… I should know better.

In the spirit of today’s new moon, I wanted to harness the energy of ‘newness’ so I scoured my home for areas that could stand some energy improvement. I remembered a conversation I had with a friend earlier in the week about her tea caddy. I’ve wanted to buy a fancy-schmancy tea caddy for a while, along with an electric teakettle, so naturally, I’ve been lusting over her tea caddy since the second I saw it. At the same time, I’m trying **so hard** not to buy any new stuff until I’ve purged my home of all of the old, unloved stuff I don’t use anymore.

I wondered for a while if there was anything else in my home that I was overlooking. Could there be something else that could serve the purpose of storing tea bags while being aesthetically pleasing to me? YES!


Feng Shui - Tea 2   Feng Shui - Tea

How have I never thought of this before?!

And there you have it.


Happy New Moon!

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