Divine Timing, Prayer and Worry

This morning I happened to turn on the radio just as The Steve Harvey Morning Show was starting. He was talking about divine timing. This is something that those of us in the metaphysical field both make fun of, but also deeply believe in.

The idea is that all things happen with divine timing no matter when you want it to happen. Surrendering to that truth is what brings about peace and harmony in the day to day because there’s an undercurrent of total trust. It’s tough. It’s really tough to maintain, but that’s why it’s important to practice it whenever you can remember, and that’s also why it’s so valuable. It’s one of those beautiful sentiments that can completely envelope you in a feeling of total security at all times.

I’m paraphrasing, but he said something like “You can either pray on it, or you can worry about it. If you pray on it, don’t waste your time worrying about it. If you worry about it, don’t bother praying about it.” I just thought that was so beautifully articulated.


So many of us carry crystals with us and keep them in our pockets or among our belongings. We even wear them. This is one of those sentiments I’m going to crystallize and bury into my spirit. I hope you can too. <3

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