General Petraeus: A Metaphysical Profile

It’s hard to avoid this story if you watch the news – It’s all over the place.

Personally, I don’t really know yet how the details of this man’s personal life really affect how he did his job… but I understand why he stepped down. And given the way the information of the affair came out, Seth Meyer’s most recent Weekend Update comes to mind.

“It’s official, you can’t get away with it [having affairs in the digital age]. The head of the CIA couldn’t get away with it. ”


~ Seth Meyer’s, Weekend Update SNL

I’ve been following the reports on this scandal and, as per usual, while many find the details surrounding the story intriguing, I’m more interested in the actual timing of this story because Saturn, the Karmic planet, just moved into Scorpio on October 5th, 2012 and it’ll be there until September 17th, 2015.

While watching NBC’s Nightly News (I love Brian Williams!), I had this feeling that General Petraeus might actually be a Scorpio. After a quick google search revealing his birthday to be November 7, 1952, my feelings were validated.

November 7th, 1952. His life path number is 11+7+1952 = 8.  If you add 11 and 7, you get 9. In numerology, adding the number 9 does nothing to add value to the remaining numbers so we can disregard it in the calculation. 1952 reduces to 8.

Wow. A scorpio ruled by the number 8. And his attitude number (the sum of his month and day of birth) is 9. What a powerful combination!

It’s no wonder he’s always been such a well-respected man in such a position of power. The number 8 as a life path number denotes characteristics of perseverance, an extremely hardworking nature (because nothing worth anything ever comes easy to an 8), and the ability to withstand an exorbitant amount of pressure while priding themselves on being honest.

His attitude number of 9 presents him to others as a man with the ability to add finesse to delicate situations, and he works very well with others. He’s a natural leader. He’s humble, and he’ll get the job done at any cost, without showing another how difficult the task was to accomplish.

So you’re thinking ‘what does all of this mean?’ Well, let’s break it down:

Because of it’s distance from the Sun, Saturn travels around the Sun at what seems like a much slower rate than a planet much closer to the Sun – like Mercury. So while it’s moving around in it’s rotation, the duration of it’s stay in a particular Zodiac sign is much longer than Mercury, or Venus.

Zodiac signs don’t move – they’re just areas that are mapped out in our solar system.

When these planets move through these signs, the characteristics of these signs mingle with the characteristics of these planets, and then depending on our astrological signs, we are affected.

Saturn represents all things associated with Karma. In other words, the lessons Saturn teach us are meant to make us stronger. Sometimes, these lessons are punishing, and painful. It’s kind of a ‘bootcamp’ like planet. If there is some weakness in you, Saturn will put you in situations that force you to deal with them, and strengthen them.

Scorpio is associated with mystery, secrets, sex, death and shared money. With Saturn interacting with Scorpio, these areas of a Scorpio’s life will be under the microscope. If Scorpio is your Sun Sign, or your Ascendant, this affects you in a profound way.

As evidenced by ‘The Emperor’ card, General Petraeus will have an uncomfortable road ahead of him. His foundation, and to some degree his credibility, will need to be reestablished.  Ruled by the number 4, this card indicates that even though his friends and allies will come to his aid, he will have a very uncomfortable bout of anxiety associated with this indiscretion. There are, however, some career opportunities ahead for General Petraeus that will actually be a good fit.

The lesson of Saturn’s special focus on Scorpio right now, along with the Emperor card I pulled (upside down) for him is simple; much like a table with four legs, if all legs are strong, the table can carry a substantial amount burden. If even one of the legs is weak, the table will give way.

General Petraeus, if you happen to be reading this, don’t worry – You’ll be alright. This ordeal illuminated some of the things you swept under the rug, and the process of cleaning it up will actually strengthen you. And it won’t be the worst thing you’ve ever lived through, however you will carry the lesson with you for the rest of your life. Keep your head held high, pay attention, and continue onward.

Studying/Working From Home

A friend recently asked me if I had any Feng Shui suggestions on how to set up a positive work/study environment in the home. He wanted to make sure it was conducive to studying, retaining information… and free of negativity.

It’s a great question, and there are honestly so many different techniques you can use, but I thought it best to go really basic first. Here are some of my simple tips for any beginner Feng Shui situation:

  • Remove any clutter from the environment. This means anything that doesn’t belong, anything you don’t need, anything that’s broken or never gets used. Things that are prone to accumulating, like papers or laundry, are considered clutter. Organize that stuff, and put it wherever it belongs, or just get rid of it.
  • Clean the environment. Like.. REALLY clean it. Mop, vacuum, dust. Clean the windows, the molding even… THE CEILING FANS. The idea is that there should be no dirt anywhere. Make sure it smells clean afterwards using Febreeze, or some scented candles… whatever works best for you.
  • If you’re concerned about negative energy in the environment – like if someone used to occupy the room who brought nothing but misery to your life (Hello, old roommates!) – you can do a sea-saltwater cleanse. When I first moved into my home, my father actually explained this process to me. Just get a bucket with some hot water, and dissolve sea salt in it – and yes, it has to be sea salt – and then mop the floors. Do this at least once a year, or more frequently if you wish. This is also great to do if you feel like you’re storing negative energy within you. You can take a sea-salt water bath!
  • Make sure you have enough light. If the room doesn’t have a lot of natural light, there are plenty of inexpensive lighting solutions. But light is necessary – Don’t study or work in the dark!
  • Assess the area you’ll be occupying and identify where the entrances, windows, walls, sharp corners and the shape of the room. We’ll get into more detail about directions and furniture placement in subsequent blogs, but you want to make sure that if you’re sitting in the room to study or work that your back is always against a stable wall. A window, or the entrance of the room should not be behind you. There’s a lot of symbolism associated with these things and they’re not  good for success.
  • If you want to decorate the work space with art, maybe consider having the image of a strong and majestic mountain behind you, so as to lend support to you in your education and career. Avoid putting images of water behind you, because symbolically in that position, you might find yourself ‘drowning in work’…
  • Only put the things in the work space that you need, or that make it a pleasant or comfortable environment – like a place to sit and read. The idea is that you should want to be in this room. It should feel inviting and not threatening or challenging.

So many times, people associate feelings of dread with their offices, particularly the home office. You can alter how you identify this space. Avoid putting things that you don’t need – or things that will distract you (like unnecessary electronics, televisions, gadgets).

Consider the things that put you at ease – like music, smells, textures. Try to design the space to have that kind of a feel. There are a lot of really great smells that keep you alert – like cinnamon. Lots of research has shown that almonds are really great brain food. Maybe think about keeping an air tight jar of them somewhere in the room to munch on when studying.

Take things like ‘body positioning’ into account. Sitting upright at a desk is great for working on the computer or writing, but sometimes it’s not the most comfortable for reading. Get yourself a really comfortable Chaise lounge chair if you know you’ll enjoy it.

Most important rule – keep it organized! Clutter leads to anxiety. And anxiety is the enemy.

I’ll definitely elaborate in more detail in future blogs, but this should help get you started!


Developing Intuition: How in the heck do I do that?

There’s very little difference between my ‘intuitive side gig’ and my ‘oober professional day job’ in terms of turning my intuition off. It’s always on, even if I don’t need it to be. That nagging feeling of ‘did you check such and such report to make sure that calculated correctly even though you know it’ll get audited later’ pops up sporadically and I’m always surprised when it turns out that following my gut paid off. That’s right – you heard it here; I’m surprised when my intuition is on point.

Most people don’t expect for me to feel that way, but developing intuition for others is SO MUCH EASIER in comparison to developing intuition for yourself. Once you understand that listening to yourself will be a challenge, half the battle is already won. It’s like reverse psychology – where you tell yourself ‘I know this is going to be really difficult, so I’m going to manage my expectations.’ The challenge comes from separating the ‘noise’ from the ‘truth’. When you’re dealing with someone else’s situation, there is less noise because you’re just taking in what they’re telling you. When you’re dealing with yourself, you’ve got so many different things mentally competing for your attention, like fear. In case you weren’t aware, fear is an attention whore. And if you give it even a little attention, it will beg for more. Don’t indulge in fear.

Developing self-trust is really important when you’re trying to nurture your intuition. You have to coax it out of it’s hiding place and convince it that you’re not going to judge it, or make grandiose expectations of it. There’s a self-vallidation process that you go through where you might be verbally silent about what you feel, and you just sort of wait and see what happens. Ultimately, when things end up the way you felt they would, that’s the perfect time to say ‘Yes! I knew it! I was right!’ I like to call this ‘Silent Validation’. Some of us aren’t so silent about it… but you get the point.

Taking the time to acknowledge when you’re right about something is important because it’s part of cultivating self-trust. If this doesn’t come easy to you, that’s okay. Most of us don’t even realize we have intuition because we don’t identify with the word ‘Intuition’ or the high expectations of it’s connotations. Intuition, instinct, gut-feeling – they all mean the same thing. In order to clearly feel them, you have to filter out the things you don’t need, like fear and expectation.

Here’s a fun exercise: Spend some time being silent and observe your surroundings. See if you can predict what might happen next, especially if you’re in a public place. Pay attention to how you feel and pay attention to different images that might pop into your head. While sitting in a cafe, you might see the woman at the counter ordering her coffee drop something in your mind… and then ten minutes later it could happen. You’ll think you were crazy… or that it was a fluke. BUT IT WAS INTUITION. (I didn’t mean to yell, I just get excited about these things!)

And if you do happen to partake in this exercise, leave a comment with what your experience was like!


In my personal life, I’m often a procrastinator.

This website has been dancing around in the back of my mind for…oh, I don’t know – maybe 5 years? But there’s always been something else that needed my attention so it continued to dance around with all of the other unborn ideas I have stored back there. Just for the record, the gestation period for a website shouldn’t be five years. I don’t believe that’s normal.

Kismet’s Arrow… is me. It’s an identity I’ve given myself in a way. It’s how I give myself permission to be helpful to others but also in a way that validates a deep need within myself to nurture and heal.

It’s also a way for me to sort of organize and consolidate my interests in psychology, metaphysical pursuits, writing, humor and the general exploration of life. I’ll share with you as much as I can about what I know, what I’m still learning, and what I hope to learn next.

There’ll be randomness too, because randomness is fun!

I hope you visit when you can, and also take some time to check out the Facebook and Twitter pages.

And with that, we are born.